Le Monastère des Augustines – L’Esprit du lieu – English

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Le Monastère des Augustines

A contemplative experience to slow down and feel the spirit of the monastery

The scope and range of the Augustinian Sisters’ work is breathtaking. Upon their arrival in 1639, they devoted themselves to the nursing of the bodies and souls of a whole people, and caring continued to be at the heart of their work for nearly four centuries. The monastery they lived in is now a haven of hospitality and healing.

The Augustinian Sisters have donated this place which embodies the spirit of benevolence. Within the framework and the windows of their ancestral home, we may still feel the beating of their hearts and the vibration of their souls.

The Paysages team was inspired by the profound serenity of the old cloister’s walls. From the seventeenth-century foundations to the modern glass walls, a special light shines through this house. Something that the gaze, gently resting, feels more than it sees.

L’Esprit du lieu is a contemplative experience and the beginning of an encounter, that of a grandiose and radiant presence.

Le Monastère des Augustines

Opened in August 2015, Le Monastère des Augustines is a heritage haven of culture and wellness. It is set in the ancient wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, the first hospital north of Mexico. Through its cultural and social vocation, Le Monastère des Augustines bears witness to the way of life and the humanitarian and spiritual mission of the Augustinian Sisters in this country. Inspired by the fervor and compassion that animated these women, it perpetuates the hospitality, memory and healing purposes of this founding place.

Le Monastère des Augustines preserves and promotes the collections and archives bequeathed by the Augustinian Sisters, notably through the monastery’s Museum and Archives Center. The cultural heritage of the Augustinian Sisters includes more than 50,000 objects and one linear kilometer of archival documents and old books.

With a rich and diversified program focused on modernity and quality, the Monastère des Augustines offers a sense ofWith a rich and diversified program focused on modernity and quality, Le Monastère des Augustines offers a sense of belonging to regional, national and international visitors.


Paysages is a creative multimedia studio specialized in immersive and contemplative audiovisual experiences. Founded in Montreal in 2020 by sound artist Charles Montambault and video artist Daniel Robinson, Paysages favors ambient media and its soothing effects. Our creations highlight the atmospheric identity of a space or environment and encourage a reconnection with our surroundings.

Creative direction, directing and editing

Daniel Robinson & Charles Montambault

Director of photography

Raphaël Thibodeau


Louis-Olivier Desmarais

Graphic design & illustrations

Gabrielle Godbout

Web design

La Matryoshka


Robert Cécile


Le Monastère des Augustines & Paysages

This project was made possible by the financial support of the Government of Quebec.